Children's Activities

Holiday Crafts for Kids

What better way to celebrate the holiday season than making your little one’s day merry and bright with a Christmas activity. These family friendly festive crafts will definitely get everyone into the holiday spirit!

Paper Stockings

Deck the halls with homemade paper stockings! This family friendly activity is great for everyone. Have fun decorating it with all sorts of materials. Maisonette makes it easy with printable stocking and adornment templates.

Citrus Garland

Create a garland that you can use year round. All you need are dehydrated citrus rounds – you can use oranges, lemons and limes. Here is an easy how-to dehydrate the fruits at home! Help your little ones thread the fruit onto twine. Add personal festive touches like wooden beads, greenery and a drop of essential oil.

Photo By: Melissa Caughey

Christmas Tree Paper Chain Advent Calendar

Celebrate with your kids making this classic chain garland which is used as countdown to Christmas! Mod Podge uses construction paper and fun finishes like pom poms and googly eyes. Little crafters will need help making the chains, but kids of all ages will love taking off one chain every day in December. Pressed for time? Grab this premade kit from Etsy.

Photo By: Mod Podge

Wriggly Paper Snowman

Promote the development of fine motor skills and kids make this fun photo craft! The cute wriggly arms and legs will definitely bring the holiday cheer! You can easily use supplies that you already have at home – construction papers, leftover wrapping, buttons and stickers. Find inspo here 🙂

Paper Snowflakes

Create unique and one-of-a-kind snowflakes with paper and craft scissors! This classic homemade craft is perfect for hanging in the window or around the house, glue them to a wreath or to decorate your tree. Good Housekeeping makes it easy with this step by step.