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2022 Holiday Gift Guide

Happy holidays! Here at ECR4Kids, we love all things learning while playing. Here is our annual roundup of timeless educational gifts that help kids explore the world around them while discovering new passions. From toys that foster the love of reading, to those that help develop mathematical reasoning to those that encourage creativity, here are a few gifts that inspire learning and play through every season.

The Star

Create an immersive environment with dramatic play essentials like our Dress-Up Island and Center! These multi-functional wardrobes help your little stars build self-esteem and develop their creativity and self-expression through imaginative play.

The Little Chef

Bake in more play time and whip up imaginative recipes with our 4-in-1 Play Kitchen! Little chefs can then use Step Stools to safely reach kitchen countertops to cook, wash dishes, and practice a variety of life skills.

The Builder

Develop spatial awareness, early math skills and creativity with life-size puzzles and blocks! Little ones can stack, sort, and build cityscapes, roadways and more with our Wooden Tunnels & Arches, Hollow Blocks, and foam block sets!

The Educator

Classroom need a makeover? Refresh learning spaces this holiday season with flexible seating and essential storage solutions!

The Bookworm

Build a love of reading and create a cozy nook for little ones with easy-access book displays! Our displays have forward-facing shelves that provide ample space to display and store all your little one’s favorite stories, encouraging them to choose books independently and confidently.

The Newbie

Soft play spaces are a must-have for supporting your baby’s motor development! Our activity mats provide a safe and comfortable area that evolves into an interactive play zone for toddlers. Pair mats with climbers to help boost balance, hand and foot coordination, and agility!

The Creative

Design an environment that supports creativity and self-expression through art and imaginative play! Our collection of table and chair sets provide dedicated work spaces while our arts and crafts storage essentials make it easy for little ones to draw, color, paint, and more.