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Celebrating Online Education

#NationalOnlineLearningDay honors the students who learn, the educators who teach, and the families who support digital learning. Celebrated on September 15th each year, this day recognizes the many different pathways in education.

The past few years have led to a sudden increase of online schools, classes, and opportunities. Students and educators have realized the successes and benefits of online learning. Digital coursework offers the flexibility to learn at the time and place that feels right for the student. It allows access to a rich and diverse array of resources that may not be available in one’s immediate area. Many enjoy meeting people from around the world and networking with friends across the globe.

Online learning has opened up new opportunities for students of all ages.

Sleep, work, and extracurricular activities can be accommodated. Some have found that they are able to work more efficiently because of the reduction in distractions.  Online classes are also appealing because they can save time and money.

Digital learning can encourage self-reliance, independence, and critical thinking skills.

The learning process can be customized to highlight the student’s interests and work can be done at their own pace. Innovative options like coding, video production, graphic design and so much more are available.

Since it was established in 2016, National Online Learning Day has acknowledged the achievements and hard work of virtual education. Take time this September 15th to showcase something that you have learned thanks to an online class.

Want to learn a new skill?

Check out Khan Academy, Tynker, Scholastic, GoNoodle or another source for web-based learning.

Stephanie Standley M. Ed. is a mom, educator, writer, and outdoor enthusiast. She received her undergraduate degrees in Sociology and Psychology as well as a Master of Education-Literacy from the University of San Diego. Stephanie has 12+ years of classroom experience as a teacher and currently supports students in Special Education. She is inspired to use evidence-based practices to educate children in creative and engaging ways.