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How did you learn about the Montessori approach?

This is an interesting story. I first experienced the Montessori approach when I was just a toddler. My parents enrolled me in Montessori school and I never realized the learning approach would become so important to me. I remember my experiences while attending the school. I can recall all the practical life work we did ( my favorite ), the time spent in nature and the difficult opportunities I had for hands on play. I felt empowered and free. Fast forward to just a few years ago when My son was born. These experiences came rushing back to me and I knew I wanted to adopt this method and begin implementing them immediately. We have never looked back!

In what ways have you noticed the greatest impact or effects of using a Montessori approach?

The Montessori approach has a few philosophies that resonate with me. In Montessori, children are leaders of their own learning. They follow their own interests. As parents and caregivers, we support our child(ren) by providing learning opportunities that follow their interests. I also like how Montessori strongly focuses on practical life skills and creating an environment that supports practical life independence. I really could go on and on here. I feel the Montessori philosophy addresses the early development of the whole child.

What vision do you have for the space you created?

I wanted this space to be 100% child focused ensuring my son could complete the entire “get ready” process independently. From selecting his clothing and undergarments to applying his own lotion. The intention of this space is to make my son a leader and help him feel successful. This wardrobe really accomplished this. Within a day of creating this new space, my son has started taking over the process on his own without needing additional support. I notice that he enjoys selecting his own clothing items now that they are sitting out on display. Prior to using this wardrobe, all my son’s clothing items were in drawers. Seeing the clothing was not as easy which resulted in a loss is interest and ownership in the process.

In regards to your son’s bedroom area, how has using the dress frame changed your get ready routine?

I touched on this in the above question a little. I have noticed he has become more independent and vocal about the process and his needs. He shares which clothing items he enjoys and advocates for ones that are no longer is favorite. My son has also started to hang his own clean clothes and put them back in their spaces. I think this is specifically because he wants to keep his wardrobe full and organized. He is showing these interests all on his own which brings me back to the Montessori philosophy of letting the child lead and be a guide in their own learning process.

What is your favorite part about this dress-up center? How does your son enjoy it?

I love the fact that it’s beautifully made and is built in a way that keeps all items organized. The clothing bar fits an appropriate amount of clothing without becoming too overwhelming. Each shelf also has room for a basket which helps keep things like socks and underwear organized. The wardrobe also has a built in mirror on the side. It’s just what we would want in a wardrobe space!

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