At Home with @thelearning.nook

Hi Nikki, tell us a little bit about yourself.

Hi, I am a mama to two little boys. We spend our days reading, playing, learning, and exploring together. I started my page back during the start of the pandemic just to share about some of my favorite DIYs. Things quickly picked up and my page evolved to be more Montessori focused. We have been sharing on this platform and have been enjoying the process.

Who did you design the space for?

When I found out I was pregnant with my son, I quickly started to prepare my son’s baby play area. This area includes a baby play gym, a baby play mat, high contrast toys, and a baby mirror. The baby mirror is the perfect addition because it allows for my son to build so many important skills.

What vision did you have for this space?

I really wanted this space to flow in tandem with the spaces I have created for my older son. My younger son can play and explore in this space while my older son plays alongside him. I can be with both my boys without feeling like I am neglecting one of them.

Tell us about the ECR4Kids items that you have in this space

The full-length floor mirror is used daily in our baby play area. This floor mirror has really helped my son build his neck strength during tummy time. He becomes very motivated when he can see himself in the mirror. I love that the mirror is long because my son rolls and moves during his play. He can see himself as he moves and explores in this space.

What is your learning philosophy?

We follow and practice Montessori in the home. I believe children need the opportunity to flourish and grow without feeling limited. I love to follow my children and allow them to lead and facilitate their learning. I learn so much from watching my children play and I am a better mother for this.

What is your favorite activity to do with you kids?

My boys and I love to spend quality time together. We love to read, play with all things sensory, play pretend, cook, bake, play outdoors….basically anything that we can do together!

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