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5 Activities To Get Kids Excited For The Winter Olympics

The Winter Olympics is full of fun facts! Did you know…

  • That the signature events, hockey and figure skating, were originally held with the summer sports? They were later added to the first ever Winter Games in 1924.
  • Or that 2 athletes have the unique distinction of winning gold medals in both Winter and Summer Games?
  • The official mascot of the 2022 Olympics is a panda bear.
  • The fastest winter sport, with speeds up to 90mph, is luge!

The Winter Olympics is headed our way February 4th, with opening ceremonies coming to us from Beijing, China. SEVEN new events are debuting this year including: freeski big air, women’s monobob, and several more men and women mixed team events.

Cheer on your favorite winter athletes from around the world by celebrating all things snow and ice. Bring the spirit of the games to your own home or classroom. Here are 5 ideas to get you started:

1. Hockey

Indoor table hockey or field hockey games will capture the intensity of the fast-paced winter sport.

2. Sock Figure Skating

Put music on random shuffle and judge the artistry and technical merit of sock skating, one of the premiere winter events!

3. Curling

Make a floor version of this fascinating sport. Draw bullseye marks and use brooms and substitute “stones” to get closest to the “button” or center of the target.

4. Bobsled

Tracks and cars can be repurposed to create your own course. Don’t forget the hair-raising turns!

5. Crafting

Make the Olympics Panda Bear mascot, Bing Dwen Dwen. Provide paper plates, bags, and craft supplies to create an adorable Olympic symbol.

Stephanie Standley M. Ed. is a mom, educator, writer, and outdoor enthusiast. She received her undergraduate degrees in Sociology and Psychology as well as a Master of Education-Literacy from the University of San Diego. Stephanie has 12+ years of classroom experience as a teacher and currently supports students in Special Education. She is inspired to use evidence-based practices to educate children in creative and engaging ways.