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Indoor Activities For Kids

We know how hard it is during winter months when it’s too cold to do any fun activities outdoors. Little ones, and quite honestly parents, can become a little restless, and it can create chaos for everyone, but we’ve gathered some fun winter activities your little ones can enjoy indoors. Here are five ideas that will keep kids busy when it’s too cold to go outside.

1. Cardboard Box Marble Labyrinth

Cardboard Activities Frugal Fun
Frugal Fun 4 Boys

2. Rice Sensory Bin

Toddler playing in a sensory bin filled with rice
Busy Toddler

3. Paint Shape Art

Shape and art activity from Busy Toddler with two kids painting overlapping shapes on Kraft paper
Busy Toddler

4. DIY Hallway Laser Maze

Girl crawling through maze made from crepe paper in a hallway
It’s Always Autumn

5. DIY Ring Toss

circus preschool ring toss game
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