Playroom Organization

5 Ways to Refresh Your Playroom

The New Year brings renewed energy and the inspiration to refresh your learning areas!  Bring excitement back to your classroom or playroom with 5 ideas to help you update your play spaces.

1. Put Art on Display

Design a gallery wall out of children’s favorite art pieces. Use different size frames to display little one’s masterpieces and inspire them to create. Repurpose old frames and paint them to match the space.

2. Pick a Theme

Choose décor that has purpose. Decorate with learning concepts that you would like to reinforce. Solar systems, numbers, and social emotion charts are visually interesting and double as a learning tool.

3. Focus on Play

Incorporate toy rotations. Bring newness to playtime by displaying fresh items or toys that have been out of circulation for a bit. Place objects on reachable shelves or easy to access bins for quick use and easy clean up.

4. Make the Most of Your Child’s Space

Create a new feature such as an inviting play center or reading corner. Asks kids for input and move a few pieces around. Draw up a floor plan together. A “wow” feature can bring new excitement to a familiar place. 

5. Double Up on Storage

Organize, sort, and donate. Reducing clutter can help prevent overstimulation. Keep it simple so that the room is a welcoming and calming place. Look for storage solutions that make the most of your available space.

Stephanie Standley M. Ed. is a mom, educator, writer, and outdoor enthusiast. She received her undergraduate degrees in Sociology and Psychology as well as a Master of Education-Literacy from the University of San Diego. Stephanie has 12+ years of classroom experience as a teacher and currently supports students in Special Education. She is inspired to use evidence-based practices to educate children in creative and engaging ways.