Children's Activities

Fun Beach Day Activities

Head to the beach for a little fun in the sun before summer ends. While swimming in the water, tanning or making sand castles is fun, we’ve gathered some other fun activities your little ones enjoy. From games, crafts and more, here are our top five favorite things to do:

1. Shell Tic-Tac-Toe

Who doesn’t love going around picking up shells when at the beach, especially kiddos. Have them find a couple of shells, draw the board on the sand and start playing!

2. Create Sand Animals

Building sand castles is fun, but why not take it a little further and have your child sculpt their favorite sea creature in the sand.

3. Beach Bingo

Views from a Step Stool created a printable Beach Bingo. You can use you tic-tac-toe shells to play or even use the bingo card as a scavenger hunt. The best part is that the whole family can get in on the fun.

4. Sand Hopscotch

No need to bring chalk to the beach for this hopscotch. Use a stick or rock, draw the grid and numbers on the sand and get hopping!

5. Beach Ball

Soccer, volleyball, beach ball bowling. Get creative with all the sports you can play with a ball. This will keep everyone entertained and having fun for hours