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At Home with @brandimwhite

Hi Brandi – tell us a little about yourself!

Hi! My name is Brandi. I am a stay-at-home mom to a sweet and energetic little boy. Last year when Covid began I started sharing my online finds and creating shoppable content & product links on Instagram (@brandimwhite). Since then I joined Like to Know it which makes it even easier to share my finds with direct product links. I love running, home decorating, cooking and vacationing. We have a few vacation rental homes that we enjoy traveling to when they are not booked. 

When it comes to bringing toys into your space, what do you look for?

I look for toys that are educational and practical in every day use. I also look for toys that can be used at different ages, not just for a few months. Also if it can be organized easily and it is easy to clean it’s a plus in my book! 

What about ECR4Kids appeals to you?

I love the modern look of ECR4Kids! The neutral colors and designs are very appealing to me. Especially with having a playroom attached to our dining room. It definitely doesn’t make the room seem as cluttered when the toys and products (such as the shelves) match with your home decor.

It looks like your kids enjoyed playing with the Jumbo 4-to-Score and Rabo Trike! What was it about them that they liked?

The Jumbo-4-To-Score was a hit before it even came out of the box! Every kid loves the concept of this fun game! Our children played and played with it for hours. They took turns not only seeing who could connect four but also creating new patterns with the colorful rings! We were actually at a hotel over the weekend and my son asked if they were going to have the Jumbo 4-To-Score in the outdoor kid’s area  and sure enough they did! What a coincidence, he was so happy.

The RABO Trike is great for preschool age children just learning to ride a bike. My son said he felt very safe on the bike because it doesn’t wiggle as much as other trikes do, its incredibly sturdy. He also loved the comfortable seat and how easy the trike is to turn. 

What’s your philosophy when it comes to outdoor play?

I would definitely say the motto “Let them be little” fits our home just right. I believe it’s so important to just let kids be kids. With that being said, my role as a mom is to support and encourage creative and imaginative play, especially outdoors. ECR4Kids helps make that easy!