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Wheel-Based Play

It’s tricycle season! We’ve entered the official dog days of summer and it’s time to enjoy the longer days and warmer weather. An after dinner ride has become a favorite summer tradition in our neighborhood. Pick a wheeled mode of transport, and enjoy the inviting evening air.

Learning to ride a tricycle is not only a childhood rite of passage for many, but also has several developmental benefits. It is a big step for a little one transitioning from baby to big kid. Pedaling oneself helps lead to feelings of independence and confidence. Controlling the speed and pace of a trike allows a little ones to practice autonomy and self-reliance. 

Riding offers the perfect opportunity to build hand eye coordination and balance, while strengthening both sides of the body. Anytime children can practice gross motor skills while exercising and getting outside is a bonus! Lastly, mastering the tricycle can help pave the way to riding a 2 wheeler.

Plan a neighborhood obstacle course with sidewalk chalk and orange cones; lead a tricycle parade, or a take a trike trip to the farmer’s market. Nothing quite connects with some children as the wind in the face freedom of riding. Have you found any inventive tricycle friendly places in your city?

Stephanie Standley M. Ed. is a mom, educator, writer, and outdoor enthusiast. She received her undergraduate degrees in Sociology and Psychology as well as a Master of Education-Literacy from the University of San Diego. Stephanie has 12+ years of classroom experience as a teacher and currently supports students in Special Education. She is inspired to use evidence-based practices to educate children in creative and engaging ways.