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Summer Favorites for Outdoor Play

With summer fast approaching, parents are looking for engaging ways to keep their kids entertained outdoors. Getting your kiddos to play outdoors is one the best things you can do for them! Physical play helps set the tone for lifelong healthy habits while having fun. Energetic play improves strength, coordination, balance, confidence and motor skills as youngsters build strong bones, muscles, and core strength. Make the most of outdoor play this summer with sand and water sensory tables, a pirate ship for long afternoon voyages and and bikes to explore the neighborhood (don’t forget to wear a helmet) Here is a round-up of some of our favorite items for outdoor play this summer!

Jumbo 4-to-Score with Ring Net and Carry Bag

The classic Jumbo 4-to-Score game is a crowd pleaser and an excellent way to bring the fun to family events, birthday parties, BBQs, camping, lake or beach days, weddings, tailgating, and more!

Sand and Water Table

A favorite for the classroom and at home, our Square Sand and Water Tables promote tactile discovery, fine motor skills, social interaction, and most of all, fun! Adjustable height accommodates growing children and comes with lids to keep the center enclosed when not in use. 2-Station and 4-Station sets are available.

Buccaneer Boat

Ahoy matey! Set sail on a summer adventure on The Buccaneer Boat. Featuring a movable steering wheel and molded details, including an imprinted anchor, parrot, coat of arms, paddles and more. With the captain on the deck and crew in the cabin, the Buccaneer Boat will create a realistic and immersive experience for any imaginative child.

Activity Play Park

The Activity Park is a vibrantly colored play structure that is easy to assemble and adapt, the slide can quickly be converted to stairs for young climbers. Pieces simply click into place for playtime. Clever cut-out shapes create the perfect place to grab a hold and climb or peek out while hiding inside this naturally playful design.

Pop-Up Sun Shelters

Enjoy sunshine and screen-free play with our Lightspeed Outdoors Powered by ECR4Kids Pop-Up Sun Shelters. Features 3 windows for a full 360° view, includes UPF 50+ un protection, sand pockets, guy lines, stakes and an oversized carry bag. Available in 2 colorways – Yellow/Grey and Blue/Grey.

Outdoor Folding Blanket

Our Lightspeed Outdoors Powered by ECR4Kids folding blanket is large enough to fit up to four people and is a great way to relax with the entire family. Set of 2 mats are water resistant and feature a tropical palm print, and adjustable carry strap.

360° Spinner Seesaw

The Spinner Seesaw is a traditional teeter-totter with the added fun of full 360 degree rotation like a merry-go-round. The bright, powder-coated steel frame and tubing and molded plastic seats are sturdy enough to handle plenty of enthusiastic backyard play. For added fun with friends, check out the Quad Seesaw.

Peek-A-Boo Happy Caterpillar

Climb in, on, or around the Happy Caterpillar! The wide crawling tunnel has peek-a-boo windows and brightly colored shoes for for walking and balancing on! Kiddos will have fun for hours playing on this cute critter.

Transforming Activity Mat

Bring a touch of outdoors inside! Row up the river, set up camp and roll around on the SoftZone Tent, Canoe and Tumbler Too! Little ones can play rain or shine on this multi-panel activity mat. Configure that mat to be an open boat or a cozy tent with a working door, letting kids switch from active to imaginative play in a matter of moments. 

Walking Bikes, Tricycles and Scooters

Scoot, pedal and roll with RABO Powered by ECR4Kids! Wheel-based play not only keeps little ones active but provides children with experiences that will allow them to grow and develop while physically challenging them to explore the world around them. Don’t forget your helmet!