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5 Spring Activities for Little Ones

With spring on it’s way and most of us spending more time at home than normal…. It’s possible that by now you’ve run through your typical go-to activities to occupy and entertain the kids.

We’ve searched the internet for our favorite spring-inspired activities to engage a variety of ages. Here’s our top 5!

  1. Nature Portraits

Bundle up and take the family outdoors to gather a variety of branches, leaves, berries, and other interesting natural textures. Upon return, lay out all the “raw materials” and begin to imagine what each item could be used for… Are these leaves like hair? Does this flower look like an eyeball? Could this fiddlehead fern be used for an ear?
Encourage each other to see familiar objects in a whole new way, think outside the box, and experiment to make fun Nature Portraits. Option to glue the pieces down, or simply take a photo, then swipe the materials away and start anew.

Activity by ARTBAR

2. Flower Symmetry Art

Adventure-in-a-Box created some beautiful printouts for kids to learn symmetry.  Children practice focused observational skills pointing out the shape of the edges, curves, and colors of the flower From what was observed on that half of the flower, try to complete the second half using colored pencils, crayons, or markers (you could even use paint with older children too).

Activity by Adventure-in-a-Box

3. Scoop and Transfer

Perfect activity for preschoolers to help develop dexterity, fine motor skills, and introduce early math concepts with different size scoops and spoons. Let kids play with a variety of black and brown colored dry beans, transferring dry goods into different size containers. Pro tip: keep all the ingredients DRY for easy clean up! 😊

Activity by Busy Toddler

4. Dot the Rainbow

We love following along with @montesssoridadsway projects. They’re always on theme and he provides a variety of inspiring Montessori project ideas! This is an especially easy set up for parents. All you need is to draw a rainbow and colored dot stickers. This project is great for developing concentration, color recognition, and fine motor skills. Kids match the rainbow colors with coordinating colorful dot stickers! Simply peel and play!

Inspired by @montessoridadsway

5. Seed to Fruit/Veggie Matching

This is a great activity that involves the senses. Picking your little one’s favorite fruits and vegetables with seeds so they can explore. This activity will help their fine motor skills.

Activity by Montessori in Real Life