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Introducing GelPenZ: Premium Ink, Practical Price

Like food, drink and other fleeting pleasures of life, gel pens come and go. They provide you with a brilliant rainbow of ink with which to unleash your creativity, but all too soon the final drops of precious ink are gone. And as with any consumable, it can be tough to keep up with the constant cost of replacement.

That’s why we at GelWriter are launching a new line of gel pens. Colorists, we’d like to introduce GelPenZ — premium gel pens for the budget-minded colorist!

Designed with the same premium ink as GelWriters, these pens come without display stands or comfort grips, letting us pass the savings on to you. GelPenZ are ideal for art classes and coloring groups — anywhere art supplies are needed in bulk!

Here are some reasons why GelWriter fans will love GelPenZ:

  • 100 unique colors! Whether a pack has 48 pens, 100 pens, or somewhere in between, GelPenZ sets will have no duplicate colors
  • Same Ink, Discount Price! GelPenZ features the same premium, water-based ink as GelWriters, meaning you’re still getting the vibrant, easy-flowing, quick-drying ink that you know and love
  • Art on the Go! No display stands means it’s easier than ever to take your gel pens with you

100 Pens in Folding Vinyl Case

100 unique colors in a folding case that’s easy to throw in your backpack or carry under your arm.

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75 Pens in Folding Vinyl Case

75 unique colors in the same style of folding case as above. A more compact set for easy traveling and storage.

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100 Pens in Clear Plastic Tub

100 pens with no duplicate colors in a tub that makes it easy to grab your favorite colors. Ideal for desk-bound colorists seeking solid value.

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50 Pens in Clear Plastic Tub

50 unique colors in an easily accessible plastic tub. The perfect grab-n-go set for coloring circles and artistic meetups.

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48 Pens in Clear Plastic Case

The smallest GelPenZ set with the most compact case, this 48-Count set is perfect for artists who find themselves coloring on the train, in coffee shops, and out on the trails.

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