Holiday Gift Guide: 10 Fun Ideas for Kids

It’s that time of year again! This wonderful season is full of gifts, grins and golden memories. The toughest part? Deciding what to get for your loved ones!

To help alleviate some of the effort that goes into gift-storming this time of year, we’ve compiled some of our most popular items for easy viewing. Take a look, and happy holidays!

Jumbo 4-to-Score

This active play super star works just as well indoors as it does out! Great for play dates and backyard BBQs. Available in a Junior Version for younger children, as well as a Jumbo Vibrant

Perfect For: Strategists, Game Lovers, Competitive Spirits

Age Range: 3 years and older

Where to Buy: Jumbo / Vibrant / Junior

Climb and Crawl Play Set

Five sturdy foam shapes, unlimited opportunities for fun! These five shapes can be arranged any number of ways to keep playtime fresh. Ideal for safe active play and gross motor development!

Perfect For: Climbers, Crawlers, Adventurers, Creative Players, Rambunctious Tots

Age Range: 9 months – 3 years

Where to Buy: Climb and Crawl Play Set

Nap Mat Companion

This cozy naptime friend is perfect for kids who have a tendency to snooze on the go. The easy-to-carry sleeping bundle is perfect for preschool, road trips or a a day at grandmas house. Attaches to any ECR4Kids cot or rest mat for a quick and easy sleep-time solution.

Perfect For: Preschoolers, Nap Lovers, Snuggle Bugs

Age Range: 2 – 6 years

Where to Buy: Nap Companion

The Surf

You can have a work surface anywhere thanks to this portable desk with a built-in seat. Use it in a chair, on the floor with friends, or even on the grass at the park!

Perfect For: Artists On-the-Go, Writers, Students, Sojourners

Age Range: 6 years and older

Where to Buy: The Surf

SoftZone® Blocks

These soft foam blocks are fun to stack, toss and tumble — a safe and colorful way to encourage motor development! The 7-Piece set has blocks in varying sizes, while the 12-piece set is made up of uniform cubes.

Perfect For: Fidgeters, Lil’ Architects, Energetic Toddlers

Age Range: Big Blocks – 12 months and older / Patchwork Toddler Blocks – 9 months and older

Where to Buy: 7-Piece Big Blocks / Patchwork Toddler Blocks

Jumbo Princess Palace

A palatial place where imaginations can soar, this indoor/outdoor structure has all fixings for a great time, including a spacious interior and a musical door handle.

Perfect For: Princesses and Princes, Big Imaginations, Young Thespians

Age Range: 3 – 9 years

Where to Buy: Jumbo Princess Palace

Kraft Edgers® with Hardwood Rack

These patterned scissors let you create beautiful borders and fantastic cuts with ease! 18 different patterns come with a hardwood display rack that makes it easy to reach your favorite pair of scissors.

Perfect For: Crafters, Creators, Card-Makers, Scrapbookers

Age Range: 4 years and older

Where to Buy: Kraft Edgers® with Hardwood Rack

Bean Bags

Everybody loves bean bags, and for good reason. These squishy, cozy, body-hugging chairs are one of the most agreeable forms of seating around. There are plenty of styles to choose from to help you match any space!

Perfect For: Comfort Lovers, Avid Readers, “Trust Fall” Enthusiasts

Age Range: 2 years and older

Where to Buy: Dew Drop / Toddler (22″) ClassicJunior (26″) Classic / Standard (35″) Classic / Toddler Soft Seat / Youth Soft Seat / Youth Twin Soft Seat / Bean Bag and Ottoman

Blossom Collection

These floral-styled tables and chairs are outdoor friendly, making them the perfect place for picnics, puzzles, tea parties and much more.

Perfect For: Tea Party Hosts, Puzzle Professionals, Snack Attackers

Age Range: 2 – 7 years old

Where to Buy: Blossom Table and Four 12″ Stools

Youth Soft Video Rockers

A floor rocker with style, this is the perfect place for little ones to rock and relax. Great for movies, snack time, or some quality time with a good book.

Perfect For: Gamers, Readers, Snackers, Sitters,

Age Range: 3 years and older

Where to Buy: Two-Tone Soft Video Rocker