3 No-Mess Art Activities for the Classroom

It’s fun and rewarding to do crafts in the classroom. The only drawback? The mess. You know what we’re talking about—the glittery, glue-spattered, marker-stained catastrophe that used to be your classroom. Have no fear: ECR is here, and we’ve got 3 no-mess art activities that your students will love!

Make a Duct Tape Mosaic (or Other Craft!)

We’re not talking about boring ol’ grey duct tape. No, we’re talking about fabulous designer duct tape, perfect for creating awesome (and mess-free) art projects. While you’re sure to come across a few stray strips after a day of tape play, they’re a cinch to peel off. There’s a bevy of projects your class can tackle with designer duct tape, ranging from simple mosaics to complex 3-D shapes. Students will love showing off their flowers, rings, and whatever else they decide to make!

3 No Mess Art Activities for the Classroom ecr4kids educational supplies San diego ca designer duct tape ring

Play with Silly Putty, Play-Doh, or Gak

While a ball of goop or slime might seem to be anything but cleanly, playing with clay is a no-mess art activity your students will love. Not only that, but playing with clay is a great developmental exercise for children!

Depending on your students’ age range, there are several moldable materials you can purchase. Or, if you want to add another layer of creativity, you can opt to make your own gak! While your students would probably love making gak in the classroom, we feel obligated to tell you that this project is actually pretty messy. The end result, however, is surprisingly sanitary and perfect for sensory play.

Decorate Almost Any Surface with Gel Pens

It can be hard to find an art activity that is both colorful and mess-free. Paint drips and splashes. Markers bleed and, you know, mark. Charcoal rubs off. Crayons and colored pencils aren’t particularly messy, but they lack a certain vibrancy. Are color and cleanliness mutually exclusive in the classroom?

Enter gel pens, the technicolored and mess-free answer to all of your classroom art troubles! Gel pens are great because they’re non-toxic, bleed- and leak-resistant, and capable of creating a spectrum of vibrant colors. Premium gel pens can write on anything from fabric to wood, making them perfect of all sorts of art projects.

At a loss for which gel pens to get for your class? Our line of GelWriter gel pens have everything you could want in a premium gel pen—and more! Kids love the range of colors, not to mention the glittery and metallic tints!

3 No Mess Art Activities for the Classroom ecr4kids educational supplies San diego ca gelwriter gel pens

Done right, these activities will curb messes when you decide to incorporate art into your lesson plan! For more arts and crafts, check out our Kids’ Art and Creativity Pinterest Board. Have some no-mess art activities of your own? Let us know on Facebook or in the comments below! And don’t forget to follow ECR4Kids on Facebook, Pinterest, or our blog via email for more of these posts!

3 No Mess Art Activities for the Classroom ecr4kids educational supplies San diego ca