Create a Customized, Cozy Sitting Space with SoftZone

When it comes to back to school, a soft spot to sit is a must. But it’s not just little ones that need a place to rest as they return from summer — teachers can use all the cozy support they can get, too! Check out our brand new SoftZone seating options make kids and adults alike sigh with comfort. Even cooler, you can arrange them in all sorts of different ways to create a cozy reading nook, story circle, group activities station, or whatever you can imagine!

And it’s not just new seating shapes — our SoftZone® seating now features soft leather polyurethane covers! Supple and durable, it surpasses vinyl with a cuddle-able, snuggle-able softness that lasts and lasts.

We’ve also got two new color palettes to match any classroom or home this back-to-school season: Contemporary and Earthtone. Contemporary blues, greens and grays are an attractive alternative to primary colors that is designed for modern spaces. Rich earth tones are complemented by deep blues for a subtle color palette that allows children and their achievements shine. Take a look!

Circle up for Storytime with Ring Around Seating

Ring Around Seats let you create a sitting space that’s as versatile as it is comfortable. Use them as individual seats, create a winding bench for a lecture, or push them into a circle for stories and group activities. You can even turn them on their sides for a stool that rocks back and forth! Kids love sitting on them, and there’s no shame in teachers and parents taking a quick rest on the plush seats. Don’t blame us if you slip away into a peaceful snooze, though!

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Customize your Coziness with Elbow Chairs

Use these versatile L-shaped seats as individual seats or work surfaces, or push the interlocking pieces together to form a variety of shapes. If you need to give your back a rest, turn them on their side for use as soft chairs with high backs! Comes in packs of 2, 4 and 6 to.

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Treat the Teacher with a Crescent Stools Set

Teachers deserve their own special seat. Our Crescent Stool Set is the perfect solution! This 7-piece set includes six soft-but-sturdy stools for kids, plus an enlarged version for the teacher. Use them to easily create a comfy seating area for reading or other activities. When sitting time is over, the six crescent stools nestle neatly around the oval teacher’s stool to form an attractive rainbow arrangement.

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Butterfly Stools will Have You Floating

These comfy stools will have you feeling like you’re floating! Butterfly stools make great stools individually, or work together to create cozy benches and cushy tables! Available in solid-color packs of 4, or assorted packs of 6.

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