4 Fun Ways to Go Back-To-School with GelWriters

The new school year is almost here!

It’s hard to believe summer is coming to an end, but here at GelWriter we are gearing up to make this year the best yet. A new school year holds so much promise—new classes, new friends, and of course new school supplies!

GelWriter gel pens are perfect for students and teachers to use in the classroom and at home, for everything from studying to reducing stress. In this week’s blog, we bring you some of our favorite ways to get the school year off to a great (and colorful!) start.

Binders and Book Covers

What’s better than new school supplies? New school supplies that you can color! Printable binder covers let you express your artistic side and stay organized at the same time. Need to cover your textbooks? Use plain paper that you can personalize with your own drawings and artwork—gel pens will write on almost any paper surface!

4 Fun Ways to Go Back-To-School with GelWriters

Coloring Books

Today’s homework: coloring!  Adults everywhere have gone crazy for coloring as a way to reduce stress—and guess what? It works for students, too! It can be especially difficult for younger students to get back into the routine of school and homework after summer break, but coloring is a great way to decompress. Giving kids a few minutes of coloring or doodling time before they start their homework can help them focus and stay engaged.

College students have also discovered the stress-reducing benefits of coloring during midterms and finals—we say coloring books should be required reading!

Study Skills

Get the new school year off to a great start with a few colorful study skills—from note-taking to flashcards, GelWriters are perfect for back-to-school. Studies show that taking notes by hand, drawing, and even doodling while taking notes can improve focus and memory retention. With so many colors to choose from, gel pens make it easy to color-code notes and study guides. For more study tips, take a look at our favorite ways to use GelWriters to make studying fun…or at least a lot more colorful!

For Teachers4 Fun Ways to Go Back-To-School with GelWriters | San Diego, CA | ECR4Kids GelWriter Gel Pens

Who says students should have all the fun? Gel pens are the perfect classroom tool for creative teachers. GelWriters can be used for everything from name tags to reading charts—the rainbow of colors will brighten up any classroom space. And, let’s face it—grading papers is a lot more fun when you do it with a glitter gel pen!

Keep a set of GelWriters and some scratch paper on hand for a student “shout out” box or “tootling” board in your classroom. And check out our blog for more classroom activity ideas!


We know it’s hard to say goodbye to summer, but we’re excited to see all the ways you brighten up your school year with GelWriters. Have any study tips or classroom ideas to share? We’d love to hear about it on Facebook!

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