3 Gel Pen Color Combos to Add Depth to Your Pages

Individual creativity is an ever-expanding tapestry. Artists are always learning new techniques and concepts as they play and create. We love helping artists expand, so here are some more color combos to try out with your GelWriter pens!

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Before we dive into the combos, here are some quick tips for blending with GelWriter gel pens. If you’re already a blending pro, feel free to skip ahead!

  1. Keep pens ready—blend while ink is still wet
  2. Apply plenty of ink so there’s more to work with
  3. Do darker colors first, lighter colors last
  4.  Use techniques like hatching to create different values of color


This bright mix of pink, orange and yellow evokes the summery wonder of watching Plumeria flowers bloom! The light quality of this combo mixes well with white space to create a tinge of vibrancy.

Colors used: basic pink, basic orange, basic yellow

Black Rose

This sultry, silky gradient from deep purple to metallic pink is sure give moody depth to whatever coloring page you apply it. Since it makes use of a glitter and three metallic colors, this combo will look different from every angle, adding even more mesmerizing depth and complexity.
Colors used: glitter black rose, metallic purple, metallic magenta, metallic pink


Capture the iridescence of ancient copper and June bugs with this metallic mix of green, gold and copper! Like the previous combo, the metallic sheen of each pen mixes together in a way that intrigues the eye (and beguiles the camera — you’ll have to try this one out to see it’s true beauty!).

Colors used: metallic blue-green, metallic sage, metallic dark gold, metallic bronze, metallic copper