6 Outdoor Play Musts for an Active Summer

Playing outside used to be an unspoken but universally understood truth of summer. Whether through hop-scotch, basketball or just biking around town, kids saw plenty of sun and exercise each day. Unfortunately, as technology makes indoor play continually more fun, outdoor play is suffering.

We’re fired up about early childhood education and active play, and we have a few tricks up our sleeves to help make outdoor play a mainstay of summer once again. Check out these active play items that are bringing summer back! They’re for more than backyards, too—daycares, preschools and playgrounds could all benefit from some added outdoor fun.

Engage Little Minds with the 4-to-Score

It’s always great when a game takes a little brainpower! The 4-to-Score is a great way to keep kids active, engaged and outdoors. This indoor/outdoor game is perfect for adding a dose of brain-engaging fun to play dates and lazy afternoons. When that big summer BBQ rolls around, bring it out to the lawn for an epic kids vs. grown-ups championship!

Get your little ones outdoors and laughing with the Junior 4-to-Score, or check out the Jumbo 4-to-Score for a game the whole family can enjoy.

Climb and Crawl with “Gus” the Caterpillar

Summer’s always better with companions, and Gus is a great friend to have for summer break! This colorful caterpillar is full of peepholes and perches that encourage little ones to climb, crawl and smile. Rearrange the body segments to keep Gus fresh and interesting all summer long and beyond.

You can learn more about Gus here. Also check out his vibrant cousin for everyone’s favorite caterpillar in bright shades of blue, green, pink and orange!

Ignite Imaginations with a Princess Palace

Imaginative play is one of the best things a kid can do with a summer day—especially when it’s outdoors! Multiple children can play at once in the Junior and Jumbo Princess Palaces, each with working windows, doors and other amenities. Little ones will have hours of fun doing make-believe, role-playing, fort-making and more with an entire palace at their disposal.

Check out the Jumbo Princess Palace, or the Junior version for younger kids or a smaller space!

Set Sail into Summer with a Buccaneer Boat

Not all lil’ imaginations are made for princess castles—some prefer rollicking on the high seas! This brightly colored boat has everything lil’ sea dogs need to begin their nautical adventure, including a pirate flag and movable wheel. With the captain on the deck and crew in the cabin, the Buccaneer Boat will send any imaginative child straight into oceanic bliss.

You can learn more about the Buccaneer boat here.


Slide into Smiles with a Climb and Slide

Outdoor play is always more fun with a slide involved. Both the Tree Top Climb and Slide and the Vibrant Climb and Slide turn any backyard into a playground paradise. With multiple ways up and one fun way down, kids love hanging out on or under the platform all summer long!

Get Messy with Sand & Water Tables

Summertime means summer messes—but that’s okay when there’s a special place to make them! Sand and Water tables are a great way to encourage social interaction and fine motor skill development. Kids love the tactile discovery of Sand & Water Tables, making them a perfect addition to any outdoor play lineup.

There are plenty of size and shape options to accommodate any play area—see them all here!