5 Kid-Friendly Crafts to Make St. Paddy’s a Blast

Saint Patrick’s Day is just around the bend. Shamrocks and leprechauns everywhere are priming themselves to be their greenest, and rainbows are collaborating with pots o’ gold to guide treasure-seekers to gilded glades. We know teachers are making some preparations of their own. We’re here to help with five fun St. Paddy’s crafts!

St. Patrick’s Day Popsicle Stick Puzzle

Looking for a fun but educational craft for a younger classroom? Look no further! This craft from Crafty Morning combines Irish artistry with problem-solving fun! Kids draw a design on a fused popsicle stick palette, number the individual sticks, and then take them apart for other students to reassemble! Simple, clean and fun. See the how-to here!

End of the Rainbow Twirlers

Another great idea from Crafty Morning, these End of the Rainbow Twirlers are perfect for adding some flair to the ceiling or hallway! Colorful and fun to make, this is one of our favorite St. Partrick’s Day crafts. Get the full scoop here!

Make Some DIY Green Slime

So what do slime and St. Patrick’s day have to do with one another? Not much, admittedly, but this slime is green. If you brought this slime from Momma Djane to class, we’re fairly certain everyone would have a blast. Here are the instructions for concocting this verdant goop!

Craft Some Leprechaun Hats

The iconic leprechaun hat makes for an awesome craft—especially when kids can wear the results! Be prepared for a playground full of bobbing green top hats and glittering buckles should you tackle this option from Classic Play. You’ll find the full instructions here!

Serve Up Some St. Patrick’s Breakfast Ideas

Okay, okay, you got us—breakfast doesn’t really qualify as a classroom craft. Fine. Regardless, breakfast is awesome, and these holiday-inspired dishes from I Heart Naptime push the bar even higher. Make some for yourself, your kids, your significant other, or—if you teach a class that can handle the responsibility—throw together one of the no-cook options with your students’ help! Every St. Patrick’s party could use some more snacks. Check out all the awesome recipes here!


We hope these crafts help your class celebrate St. Patrick’s day in style! For more ideas, check out our St. Patrick’s Day for Kids Pinterest board! If you’ve got any more awesome ideas to add, chime in below in the comments, or on our Facebook page!