GelWriter Community Coloring Roundup: February 2017

It’s Valentine’s Day, and we’re in love—with your coloring!

You have all shared so many beautiful pictures with us on Facebook and Instagram, and we are loving all of the GelWriter love out there. What better way to share the love today than to share your amazing artwork?

Here is our February Coloring Roundup—thank you for making our world so colorful!

Instagram: @diana.greenheart5
Instagram: @sdksscraptuary
Instagram: @sswillard
Instagram: @unique.creative
Instagram: @vjscoloringbook
Artist: Adeline Hanna
Artist: Angela Janisse
Artist: Cindy Howard
Artist: Diane Morrow
Artist: Mckenzee Mace
Artist: Valerie X Zy’Onna

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