Simple Tips for Using Gel Pens

When it comes to coloring and craft projects, there’s nothing better than gel pens!

GelWriters are one of the most versatile tools around—their bright colors are beautiful used alone or in combination with colored pencils or markers, adding incredible dimension and highlights to your work. Whether you are coloring, drawing, or just love to doodle, quality gel pens are a must-have for every artist.

We make our gel pens so you can make amazing artwork—here are a few quick tips to get the most out of your GelWriters:

To avoid leaky pens…

  • Make sure the caps are on when you’re not using the pens. Our caps have a rubber liner that forms a vacuum seal to keep the ink fresh and prevent leaking. When you replace the cap, press it all the way down until you hear it “click” so you know it’s on good and tight!
  • GelWriters can be stored in any position without leaking, as long as the cap is on and sealed tight.

To keep the ink flowing…

  • If the pen is skipping, try drawing in circles on a piece of scratch paper or tapping the tip gently onto the paper. A tiny dot of dried ink can get stuck on the rollerball point, and once you get the ball rolling again the ink should flow freely.
  • Use a damp paper towel to dislodge any dried ink and wipe the tip clean after use.
  • Use your GelWriters within 1-2 years of purchase—over time, the water in the water-based ink with evaporate and the ink will dry out. Color often to avoid this sad fate!

To prevent smearing…

  • Keep in mind that gel pens do lay down a wet ink, so drying time will be a factor. Try to avoid dragging your hand across wet ink, or place a blank piece of paper between your hand and your coloring.
  • Drying time can vary depending on the type of paper used. When coloring on paper that is less porous or has a coating on it, the ink will take longer to dry.
  • The lay-down (or amount of ink applied to a specific area) when coloring also affects the drying time.

We hope these simple tips will help you keep your pens in top condition so your artwork will look its best!

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