5 Color Palettes To Brighten Up Your Winter Coloring Pages

Ahh, winter. The trees are bare, the air is crisp, and the world is covered in a blanket of snow.

Or so we’ve heard, anyway. Full disclosure, we here at GelWriter are in San Diego, CA, where winter is the stuff of legends. Though if you go down to the beach and squint just right, the sand can look a little like snow…

But our snowless locale doesn’t stop us from loving the colors of winter, wherever they may be found. There’s nothing like a bit of color to brighten up a winter day—and your winter coloring pages! Here are some of our favorite GelWriter color palettes to highlight the best of the season:


Icy silvers and blues capture the colors of a frozen wonderland—metallic and glitter GelWriters are perfect for snowy scenes!


A hint of green complements wintry blues and purples, and reminds us that spring is always just around the corner.


Make a neutral silver and grey palette pop with a bright burst of red


A silver streak highlights the deep rich purple and mauve tones for an elegant color scheme.


Need a color pick-me-up for a dreary winter day? Go ahead—use all those bright happy colors!


Whether you’re cozied up by the fire or sitting under a palm tree, winter is a wonderful time to curl up with a good coloring book. We hope these beautiful palettes help you color your way to spring! What colors inspire you during the winter months? Share them with us on Facebook and Instagram #gelwriter!