5 Creative Ways to Use Gel Pens for Scrapbooking


When we first started making GelWriters in 2003, there was no such thing as an adult coloring book—crazy times, we know!

Back in the old days, we used gel pens to write notes to each other in class, draw on our arms/legs/shoes/friends in class, and generally tried to get away with doing as much of our homework as possible in rainbow colors. Ahh, memories.

We might not remember all those good times without the photos and stories collected by our earliest GelWriter fans—scrapbookers! This week we are going back to our roots and taking a look at why gel pens and scrapbooks are a match made in heaven.

Scrapbookers love gel pens for lots of reasons—here are a few to inspire you:

Border Doodles

ecr4kids gelwriter 5 ways gel pens scrapbooking

You don’t need to buy fancy craft paper to make a beautiful and colorful scrapbook—use gel pens to personalize your pages with whimsical borders and doodles. (And speaking of fancy craft paper…why not use all those finished coloring pages?)


ecr4kids gelwriter 5 ways gel pens scrapbooking

Hand drawn frames are an easy and creative way to highlight photos on your scrapbook pages. Mix up the patterns and designs for a unique and playful look, or choose a simple pattern for a more classic style.

Colorful Paper

ecr4kids gelwriter 5 ways gel pens scrapbooking

One of the best things about gel pens is that they write on black and colored paper—that’s why scrapbookers love them! Neon, glitter, and metallic inks are especially fun to use against a dark background.

Hand Lettering

ecr4kids gelwriter 5 ways gel pens scrapbooking

Mix and match your own “fonts” to bring an element of rustic charm to your scrapbook. It’s easier than it looks—and there’s no need to buy or cut out letters.

Smash Book

ecr4kids gelwriter 5 ways gel pens scrapbooking

Smash books are the latest craze in scrapbooking—somewhere in between a diary and a photo album, they are great for wedding books, baby books, and travel journals. They are easy to make, and a blank one makes a wonderful gift.


We’ll all be taking lots of photos with family and friends this holiday season, and a scrapbook is a wonderful way to preserve our most special moments and memories. They make great gifts, too!

How do you use gel pens in your scrapbooks? Tell us about it on Facebook or show us on Instagram #gelwriter!