The Wonderful World of GelWriter Gel Pens

It’s no secret that ECR4Kids is a purveyor of awesome children’s furniture and educational supplies. But did you know we also have a keen interest in art, especially therapeutic coloring? As more and more people turned to adult coloring books to relieve stress (and have fun!), we sought to create the smoothest, most colorful gel pens available. Lo and behold — GelWriter gel pens!

Show the World Your True Colors

Nothing’s so boring as a drawing with flat colors. When it comes to color, GelWriter took its inspiration from the rainbow. As a result, there are over 70 unique GelWriter colors, available in 5 distinct styles! Add layers and dimension to the simplest of doodles by using different shades of the same color. Mix and match with contrasting and complementary colors for some truly eye-popping designs!

A full spectrum of colors isn’t the only magical feature of GelWriter gel pens — the ink itself has some pretty impressive properties! Scribble on anything from construction paper to popsicle sticks to phone cases — the ink goes on smoothly and sticks around for a while to come. For this reason, GelWriters are great for making wedding cards, herb labels, notebook accents, and more! Your imagination is the limit.

Glitter, Neon and Metallic, Oh My!

GelWriters go above and beyond the call of creativity. In addition to 70 unique colors, the snazzy little pens come in 5 distinct ink styles: glitter, metallic, neon, pastel, and basic. The potential for detail is massive when you factor in these these different “textured” pens! Create a sunny highlight with a bright streak of neon, add a dark glimmer to the nighttime river you’re sketching, or make that peacock’s tail pop with some bright metallic gold!


Home Office Centerpiece or To-Go Art Kit

People need all sorts of different things from their pen collection. Some prefer to proudly display their 100-count GelWriter sets atop a stadium stand; some enjoy the ease of access provided by the rotating carousel stand; and yet others like packing everything to-go in a convenient pop-up stand, fold-up easel or semi-circle carrying case!

Whatever your storage needs, GelWriter can provide. We even have smaller sets that are perfect for taking to school or the office! For more about some of the different carrying cases, take a look at this recent GelWriter blog on the topic.

An Ever-Widening Rainbow

We’re not done with GelWriters, not by a long shot. We have big plans for product releases all year long, from seasonal palettes to something super-duper secret. We also love giving away our gel pens! That’s why we encourage you to keep up with GelWriter’s Instagram and Facebook pages — we post ideas, product announcements, and sweepstakes regularly!

the wonderful world of gelwriter gel pens ecr4kids san diego ca