GelWriter Tips and Tricks: Gel Pen Video Tutorials

Grab your GelWriters, coloring class is in session!

Here at GelWriter, we love trying out new ways of using gel pens for coloring and art projects. There are a lot of wonderful colorists out there sharing their best coloring tips and techniques online, and we are always on the lookout for creative ideas and inspiration. We have come across some amazing gel pen video tutorials—we can’t wait to share them with you!

This week, we are excited to feature some of our favorite video tutorials by Coloring Pages Bliss! Jennifer Stay of Coloring Pages Bliss is an artist and expert colorist who has created a series of videos demonstrating her creative coloring techniques. From blending tips to secret tricks, these videos have something for every coloring fan, beginner to advanced.

Coloring Pages Bliss has lots of great ideas for how to unlock the amazing potential of gel pens in your coloring—here are two of our favorite techniques:

How to Blend Gel Pens with Colored Pencils

We know that GelWriters might not be the only tool in your coloring box—and that’s okay! No, really. One of the things that makes gel pens so versatile is how well they work with your other tools. This video demonstrates an easy blending technique using both gel pens and colored pencils that really makes the colors pop!

Color Like a Pro – Texture

Playing with doodles and designs is a fun way to add texture and dimension to your coloring. Gel pens are perfect for this kind of coloring—with so many colors to choose from, your creativity is unlimited!

You can check out more great coloring tutorials on the Coloring Pages Bliss website, or find them on Facebook.

Happy coloring!

Have any favorite gel pen tips and techniques to share? We’d love to hear about it—send them our way on Facebook or Instagram!