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How to Create the Best End-of-Summer Bucket List for Kids

Transitioning from summer mode to back-to-school mode can be very difficult for parents and teachers; however, it can be especially difficult for children — they’re the ones saying goodbye to actual free time, after all. In order to help them make the most out of the rest of summer, try to help them check off items on your custom-made end-of-summer bucket list. Here are tips on what kind of activities you should include:

1) Focus on the little things.

As you plan end-of-summer activities to enjoy with your child, don’t feel pressured to have a huge summer send-off. Simple summer activities go a long way. Spending time doing things like gardening, running through the sprinklers, and building sand castles creates a sense of summer wonder that can’t be replicated during any other season, not even spring break.

Opt for activities that spark your child’s creativity and sense of curiosity. These will help them not just make the most out of their remaining summer break, they will also help ease your child’s transition into the classroom. Playing dress up and creating a puppet theater are great examples of fun, creative activities. Once the school year starts it will be harder to dedicate time to activities like these. Make sure you do it in style now, with the right equipment and accessories; remember we can help, with quality play equipment!

2) Spend time learning together.

Visit a museum, dig up bugs, explore the library. These activities will help you spend time with your child and turn learning into a fun activity. Summer is a great time to take the constraints off education and show your child that there are fun ways to learn outside the classroom. This is also an opportunity to consider your own fun. It’s the end of summer for you too, so pick things you find fun as well.

Fun, educational activities will help you spend enriching and engaging time with your child before they go back to spending their days at school. Let’s face it: though you won’t miss everything about having them around all the time, you’ll miss having them around all the time. Pick activities that will leave you with happy memories that will keep you smiling until next summer.

3) Include activities that will facilitate talking to your child about their upcoming school year.

School is a big part of your child’s life, and it’s important that you talk about it in meaningful ways. Even if it’s not obvious, your child may have some concerns about what awaits them this year. Perhaps they’re worried about their new teacher or whether or not they’ll be in the same class as their best friend. Stresses like these can make your child nervous or insecure as they head into a new year.

Make sure you dedicate some time to talking with your child about what’s ahead and how they can overcome challenges they may face. Any activity that will let you spend time talking together is good: a picnic at your child’s favorite park, walking the dog together, coloring or cooking together — choose activities that will spark open conversation.

Creating an end-of-summer bucket list for kids will help them feel like they’ve taken advantage of their time off. By choosing engaging and meaningful activities, it can also help you prepare them for the upcoming school year. You’ll give summer a proper send-off together.

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