Shimmer and Shine: The Ultimate Guide to Glitter and Metallic Gel Pens

The Summer Olympics are in full swing, and GelWriter is going for gold! We’re also going for silver. And bronze. And purple, blue, turquoise, neon orange, green…

While our superheroes are in Rio shining on the court, in the pool, and on the track, we’re celebrating the shining stars on Team GelWriter—our metallic and glitter gel pens! This week we bring you the ultimate guide to using glitter and metallic GelWriters to add some sparkle to your coloring and crafts.

What Makes Glitter and Metallic Gel Pens Sparkle?

All gel pens contain a special water-based gel ink. One unique feature of this ink is that it can be pigment-dyed easily, which is why gel pens come in so many different colors. Another amazing feature of gel ink? It is so viscous that it can actually hold tiny particles of glitter and metal suspended in the liquid ink.

Glitter GelWriters contain tiny metallic particles that create an outstanding sparkle effect as the ink flows from the pen. Our manufacturing process allows us to match the color of the glitter to the color of the ink in the pen, so in addition to gold and silver we have glitter gel pens in all of our basic and neon colors.

Metallic gel pens have finely ground metal particles mixed in evenly throughout the ink, which gives the ink a uniform sheen as it comes out of the pen. The rich colors shine as they catch the light, adding an exciting dimension to your artwork.

assorted gelwriter glitter gel pens

Tips For Using Metallics and Glitter

  • Using just a touch of glitter or metallic gel pen in your coloring is a simple way to create a dramatic effect on your finished pages. A glittering green leaf here or there catches the eye and adds a bit of magic and whimsy. Or try outlining shapes with a glitter GelWriter in a matching color for a subtle layer of shine.
  • Less is more…except when more is more! Sometimes a special occasion calls for extra sparkle (even if that special occasion is that it’s Tuesday). GelWriters come in 30 different shades of glitter and 20 metallic colors to make your coloring pages shine—keep it simple in a single color or use the whole sparkling rainbow, it’s up to you!
  • A note on blending: Gel pens are ideal for blending, because the ink comes out wet—and glitter gel pens are even better, because the ink also comes out sparkly! Check out this short video tutorial to learn how to master a simple blending technique that will add a little extra twinkle to your coloring pages and craft projects.

peacock glitter gel pens

Ways to Use Glitter and Metallic Gel Pens

  • Wedding decor in gold and silver is classic and timeless—glitter or metallic GelWriters are perfect for the guest book, place cards, and signs.
  • Add some flair to any store-bought greeting card by embellishing it with a glitter gel pen. A little bit of sparkle turns boring cards and invitations into original and whimsical greetings.
  • Use glitter or metallic gel pens in a scrapbook or photo album—GelWriters will write on any color paper, and even on photographs!
  • Coloring pages with jewels, stars, and magical creatures are perfect for the shimmery effects of glitter or metallic gel pens. Or try revisiting an old coloring page you gave up on—you never know what a little sparkle might do for it.

If coloring ever becomes an Olympic sport, we’ll be ready with all of our shining stars on Team GelWriter. Until then, we’ll be making the world a more sparkly place with our glitter and metallic gel pens.

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