3 Easy Ways Teachers Can Transition back to School (Without Losing It)

Transitioning back to classroom life after summer break is a bigger challenge for teachers than it is for students. Ahead of them, teachers have a whole school year full of responsibility and unpaid work that takes place after school closes. It doesn’t take long for the school year to get overwhelming. So, because we know that teachers are the unsung heroes of the world: here are a few tips to help teachers transition back to school as smoothly as possible.

Back to School Tip #1: Give your family and friends fair warning.

Teachers, we know you get busy very quickly and it can be difficult to have family and friends understand why you will go through several periods of hermithood during the rest of the school year. Have “the talk” with them–the one where you explain your need to focus on your work from time to time while classes are in session. Maybe they should know this by now, but it never hurts to make sure the hold realistic expectations. Remind them that, you’ll make time for them–just not always.

Back to School Tip #2: Be prepared to handle the unexpected.

All seasoned teachers know that it’s surprising what kids can throw at you (both literally and figuratively), and–even if you hate the phrase “prepare for the unexpected” because it’s oxymoronic–it never hurts to do what you can to put yourself in a better position to adapt to the unforeseen. A few ways you can do that is by making sure you have enough of the supplies you may need. Also, think of ways you can develop and model patience. As much as you love and support them, you know your students will test your patience. So it makes sure to study. You never know when there will be a pop quiz.

Back to School Tip #3: Set high, realistic standards for yourself.

The fact of the matter is that as a teacher, you are amazing. Only amazing people decide to dedicate their life to teaching and helping young minds. To keep your teaching skills and senses sharp, make sure you set high, and realistic, standards for yourself. You can make your students’ experience a remarkable one. Don’t forget that.
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