9 Places To Find Free Adult Coloring Pages

What do book stores, craft stores, big-box warehouse stores, coffee shops, and the internet all have in common? They’re all selling adult coloring books—and lots of them.

Many of us are coloring away our stress and anxiety these days, and we can’t help but get excited when we discover a new book of enticing patterns, or when we see the latest irresistible creation of our favorite artist pop up on a store shelf. Trust us, we know the feeling—and we also know that a coloring habit can quickly become a burden on our wallets. Not to mention our bookshelves, TV stands, kitchen tables…coffee tables…bedroom floors…

One of the best things about adult coloring as a hobby is that it doesn’t actually require any fancy, expensive equipment to get started. A few simple coloring supplies and the design of your choice, and you’re off to the rainbow races! There are many places to find free coloring pages, and this week we’re sharing some of our favorites with you.

Whether you’re a veteran colorist, or you’re just starting out and want to see what the fuss is all about before you invest in a new book, here is a list to remind you that the best things in life are free!

9 Places To Find Free Adult Coloring Pages | ECR4Kids GelWriter | San Diego, CA

Coloring Pages for Adults: Exactly what it sounds like. Hundreds of free coloring pages, organized by theme and category, very easy to navigate on the website.

The Ultimate Guide to Free Coloring Pages: Over 100 free adult coloring pages curated from various artists and sites, organized by theme.

Easy Peasy and Fun: Free printable coloring pages for both adults and kids, as well as other fun coloring projects, such as bookmarks.

Coloring Life: Coloring pages for adults and kids featuring original designs and unique themes. Organized by category, with a large selection of holiday-themed pages.

Coloring Book: Why should grown-ups have all the fun? Free coloring pages for kids (and anyone young at heart) featuring popular cartoon characters. Over 5,000 printable pages organized by category.

Some of the most popular coloring book artists offer a small selection of free coloring pages on their websites! Here are just a few:

Johanna Basford

Millie Marotta

Wendy Piersall

Thaneeya McArdle

Summer is an excellent time to try something new—if you’re thinking about exploring the world of adult coloring, free coloring pages are a great place to start! You’ll be able to try out all of the most popular designs and figure out what you enjoy…before you start filling up your bookshelf.

Even if you’ve had to build a new wing in your house to store all of your coloring supplies, free pages are great for quick inspiration—and perfect for traveling, in case you accidentally leave your suitcase full of coloring books at home.

Try your local library if you need access to a computer or printer. Or just ask a friend—it’s always better to color together!

We hope this list helps you keep your summer full of color and fun! Do you have any favorite places to find free coloring pages? Give us the inside scoop on Facebook—and be sure to like us to find out about upcoming GelWriter giveaways!

9 Places To Find Free Adult Coloring Pages | ECR4Kids GelWriter | San Diego, CA