9 Easy Things To Make With Your Finished Coloring Pages

Last week we shared a list of our favorite free coloring pages—this week we have some great ideas for what to do with your pages after you color them!

Coloring pages are more than a great way to relax and de-stress—they can be used to make unique crafts, beautiful home decor, and thoughtful gifts! If your finished pages are piling up around you and you haven’t seen the dog in a while, it’s time to turn them into something new!

Check out these fun (and easy!) DIY projects to make with your coloring pages:

Wrapping Paper

Once you start coloring, you’ll never need to buy wrapping paper again! Use your finished pages to wrap a small gift, or even make a bow if you’re feeling extra crafty. To wrap a large present, just tape several pages together.


Coasters protect your tables, but coasters made from your coloring pages protect your table in style! This easy tutorial shows you how to turn your artwork into a set of waterproof tile coasters—makes a great housewarming gift, too!


Who couldn’t use more magnets? These are easy to make—and so adorable that maybe the magnet monster living under the fridge won’t even want to eat them. A perfect project for those coloring pages that you didn’t quite finish…don’t worry, we won’t tell.

9 Easy Things To Make With Your Finished Coloring Pages | San Diego, CA | ECR4Kids GelWriter
Courtesy of ModPodge / Crafts by Courtney

Paper Cube String Lights

Paper cubes turn ordinary string lights into beautiful tiny lanterns perfect for summer nights in the garden. Use your coloring pages to add a unique personal touchthis is a great project for older kids, too!


Use coloring pages to make your own bunting for a birthday party, wedding, baby shower, or family reunion. Keep it simple with these triangles, or try making a unique garland for any special occasion—or just-for-fun everyday decor.


Turn your coloring pages into wearable art! Try these simple resin circles, or for a more involved project check out how to make your own paper beads.  


Send some extra love in the mail with a handmade envelope made from a coloring page.  For a completely unique stationary set, check out these ideas for making cards with scraps from your coloring pages. Make a set for the kids going away to camp this summer—they’ll be sure to write home!

9 Easy Things To Make With Your Finished Coloring Pages | San Diego, CA | ECR4Kids GelWriter
Courtesy of Wit and Whistle

Magnetic Frame

We almost forgot—the most obvious thing you can do with your finished coloring pages is hang them up for all to enjoy, of course! This magnetic wooden frame is simple to make and it’s easy to swap out your pictures anytime for a rotating home art gallery.


Why spend money on expensive craft paper when you have books full of beautiful custom designs sitting on your shelf? Try using your coloring pages for scrapbooking, origami, or any other paper crafts that you enjoy.

Using finished coloring pages gives your projects a creative and personal touch that you can’t find anywhere else. We hope this list inspires you to save those pages from the recycling bin and make something fun for yourself or someone special!
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