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Simple Ways to Encourage Father Involvement in School

There is no doubt that helping children succeed in school and beyond is a team effort. Every person in a child’s life has something to contribute. Increased parental involvement in children’s education, in particular, plays an important role in determining their success.

Research has shown that each parent can fill a different developmental need in their child’s life and that children whose fathers are more involved with classroom activities and school meetings and events receive better grades, enjoy school more, and are more likely to become involved in extracurricular activities.  With benefits such as those, there is no doubt that increasing father involvement in children’s education is crucial to their success.

Here are 6 simple ways you can encourage fathers to become more involved in your school:

1. Stress the importance of attending meetings and events

Communication is key. Make an effort to communicate the importance of fathers’ involvement in school. Reach out to them in particular and extend a welcoming hand. Recruit fathers, in particular, to help with classroom activities and work. Let them know what they can do to help their kids succeed.

2. Make sure that communications aren’t relying on stereotypes that isolate fathers

Be inclusive. It is important that your communications don’t rely on stereotypes and assumptions that may isolate fathers. Make activities and events appealing in a way that keeps them from feeling excluded. You want all fathers to feel welcome.

3. Plan a “Bring Dad to School Day”

You’ve heard of “Bring Your Kids to Work Day,” so why not host a “Bring a Father to School Day”? Help plan an event where students are encouraged to bring their fathers with them. Such an event will not only help children see their fathers involved in school, it will also help better acquaint fathers with their children’s school life and routine.  

4. Invite fathers to collaborate so that their involvement is visible to other fathers

Create and foster a network of fathers so that they feel supported and invited. It’ is important that fathers don’t feel like they’ are working in isolation. By creating a collaborative network, fathers can not only support each other, they can encourage others to join in on the fun too!

5. Provide creative ideas for activities fathers can do with their children

Deciding how to get involved can be a bit overwhelming, so make it easier for the fathers in your school by providing a variety of ideas of ways fathers can become more involved. Remind them that there is more than one way to participate and that all fathers can become involved too.

6. Ask for suggestions/collaborate

Put the spotlight on them and invite fathers to play an active role in their children’s education. Let them tell you how they want to be involved. Ask them to share their ideas and ways they can make them happen.

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