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Consider These Educational Summer Activities

All kids deserve to take a break over summer vacation. Maybe you’ve forgotten what school was like, but it can be as stressful for a kid as a job is for an adult. But you shouldn’t let your child become complacent. There are lots of ways to keep your child’s brain engaged over the summer. Consider these educational summer activities to occupy your child’s time until school returns.

Teach Your Child to Garden

Have your son or daughter help you in the garden this summer. Gardening will get him or her outside in the sun, soaking up Vitamin D while learning a useful skill. (You’ll also be getting some free labor!)

The benefits of gardening for children are backed by science. Your child will witness the growth of new plants and follow their lifecycle. Having your child water plants as they grow will teach responsibility. Selecting and arranging plants requires an artistic eye.

First and foremost, though, gardening is a full-circle exercise in sustainability. Your child will see firsthand where the vegetables on the table come from, fostering a deeper connection with both plants and diet.

There’s an entire online community dedicated to helping children learn to garden.

Go to a Museum

This one is an obvious choice, but we had to include it. The U.S. is full of museums designed for a child’s mind. Both Forbes and USA Today have compiled lists of the top children’s museums in the country. Find out which one is closest to you and plan a day trip.

Immerse Your Child in the Arts

Buy your child some art supplies to use this summer. Science shows that kids involved in the arts do better in other educational areas, too. It’s important to encourage your child’s artistic development. Painting and drawing fine-tune motor skills and hand-eye coordination. A toddler can learn shapes and colors from art, while an older child can learn what it means to be creative.

The positive science isn’t limited to the fine arts. If your child doesn’t like to draw or paint, maybe he or she would love to play an instrument. Maybe pottery will become your child’s favorite hobby. No one will ever know if they don’t get the chance to try.

Teach Your Child a Sport or Activity

The American Heart Association says it best: “Inactive children are likely to become inactive adults.” We all know the health benefits of exercise, and we all want our kids to live long, healthy lives.

Make sitting in front of the computer or TV the exception for your child this summer, not the norm. Teach him or her to ride a bicycle or to play a sport in the backyard. Sign your child up for baseball or gymnastics. Even if it’s just shooting hoops in the driveway or running around the backyard with the dog, a little bit of physical activity goes a long way for an impressionable kid.


These are only suggestions. What’s most important is that you constantly introduce your child to new things. Take note of the activities he or she gravitates toward and encourage those.

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