Meaningful Teacher Appreciation Week Ideas for Everyone from Parents to School Staff

In an ideal world, every teacher would feel valued, every parent would feel heard, every child would thrive, and every principal would spend their day dreaming up great ways to help everyone work together instead of putting out fires.

It might not be an ideal world yet, but we can all get a bit closer throughout Teacher Appreciation Week. Here are some unique ideas for everyone to get involved—from parents to staff. (Trust us, there’s not an apple in sight!)

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Teacher Appreciation Week Ideas for Parents and Students

Looking for a Teacher Appreciation Week idea for a great teacher that’s better than an apple? Check out some of our ideas below, and give your favorite teacher something she’ll cherish—whether you help in the classroom or share a note from your child.

Send a Small Gift

Bonus points if you figure out whether she prefers coffee over tea. Or donuts over bagels. Or fruit over chocolate (maybe she does want that apple, after all). If all else fails, you can’t go wrong with a gift card to a coffee shop, book store, or movie theater.

Help Your Child Create a Note or Get Crafty

Teachers love to get personalized notes from their students. Get as crafty as you’d like, or just cut the edges of your notes with ECR4Kids KraftEdgers for beautiful borders. Want to go above and beyond? Make these little owls from Lisa Storms are adorable and a great way to tell your teacher you appreciate her!

Volunteer to Help

Remember how much your mom and dad loved it when you offered to wash dishes, vacuum, or clean your room? Well, teachers love it when you offer to help them out—whether it’s with paperwork and classroom prep or in the classroom during the day. Just ask, and watch her face light up!

Share Our Page With a Teacher

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Teacher Appreciation Week Ideas for Administrators and Management

Hopefully, you were celebrated during Principal’s Day on May 1! If not, see the above ways to celebrate and relax. Your job is crucial to keeping your school running. Here are some ways you can keep your lovely teachers feeling valued during Teacher Appreciation Week this year.

Bring Breakroom Treats or Host a Special Luncheon

Donuts or bagels are nice, but an entire breakfast spread is a real treat! Consider reaching out for gift cards or donations from local vendors and restaurants. You may be surprised at what they’re willing to give. If you host a special luncheon, consider displaying photos from the year on a slideshow, on the table, or on the wall. It’s a great way to remind everyone how much you’ve accomplished.

Recruit Students to Write Thank You’s

In addition to writing personalized thank-you notes to teachers in your school, you can get students involved! Give students scraps of paper to stick in teacher’s mailboxes with a kind note (you may want to screen these first), or create a poster board for each teacher, and invite kids to use markers to write thank you messages.

Offer a Duty-Free Lunch or Recess

Ahh, duty. All teachers know what it’s like to not have a minute to themselves at school—and duty is a big part of the reason why. Lunch breaks aren’t that relaxing when you’re manning a table full of unruly kiddos. Provide duty-free lunch or recess passes throughout the week on a rotating basis. Even if you can’t do this all year, it’s nice for a week!

Teacher Appreciation Week Ideas for Teachers

This might sound silly—but teachers spend so much time doing so many things, they often forget to sit back and relax. Plus, if you’re a teacher, this is a great opportunity to recognize fellow teachers for their hard work! Here are a few ideas for teachers to celebrate.

Pamper Yourself

Since taking a day off is more stressful than relaxing, just make sure you take time out during the weekend to really decompress. Think about what really makes you feel happy—whether that’s hiking, going to the spa, watching a movie marathon at home, or cooking something delicious.

Go Out For Dinner or a Movie With Fellow Teachers

Invite your friends and other teachers out for a special movie night full of candy, popcorn, and kid-free fun. Hint: plan this for Friday or Saturday night so you’re not more stressed about getting everything done.

Take Saturday or Sunday Completely Off

Yes, this is difficult, particularly if you have children of your own. It’s so easy to let the weekend slide by in a haze of laundry, car maintenance, grading papers, and everything else. Plan your time this weekend so you have one day for all of those random tasks and one day for fun and relaxation.

Share Your Ideas!

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How do you show the teachers in your life you appreciate them? And if you’re a teacher, what’s the best gift you’ve received for Teacher Appreciation Day? Share your thoughts and ideas in the comments, and follow ECR4Kids on Facebook all week long for updates on daily sweepstakes!

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