Surprising Psychological Effects Colors Have on Your Emotions

Most of us color for fun. But did you know studies show that coloring can boost creativity, improve sleep, increase focus, and relieve stress and anxiety, and more?

To get these amazing mental and emotional benefits, all you have to do is open up an adult coloring book and grab a pen. Within hours, you can complete a masterpiece that is both pleasing to the eye and soothing to the soul.

When we sit down with a coloring book, we choose a color and dive in. Whether you meticulously plan your color scheme before you begin or make it up as you go, the colors you choose are what ultimately make your artwork unique and personal. They don’t call us colorists for nothing!

Did you know that those colors could be much more than meets the eye? Read on to learn about the effects different colors have on your brain.

Psychological Effects of Colors

How do you choose your colors? Do you have favorites you always reach for? Do the colors you pick up vary depending on your mood or the time of day? Studies in color psychology show that colors can have a huge effect on our feelings and behavior—colors can be energizing or relaxing, and they can trigger both positive and negative emotions.

Here is a quick look at some of our favorite colors and what they mean.

Warm Color Effects

Warm colors on the spectrum such as red, orange, and yellow, are associated with fire and the sun.

These colors are stimulating and energizing, and attract the eye in your artwork. It’s no wonder red roses are a symbol of love and romance—red has powerful emotional associations with passion and desire. However, red can also signal anger, blood, or danger, so use it wisely!

Orange and yellow suggest joy and can even stimulate the appetite, but they can also trigger warning signals in our brains (think: yellow caution tape).

Cool Color Effects

Cool colors on the spectrum such as blue, purple, and green, are associated with water, sky, and spring, which are calming.

Like watching the ocean on a clear day, cool colors bring a sense of peacefulness and serenity. Purples and blues are connected with reflection and contemplation, and can actually boost your creativity—although they are also colors often associated with sadness and grief.

meaning of colors

Green is the color of new growth and inspiration—our closest visual connection to the natural world.

Here at GelWriter, we are always trying to make the world a more colorful place and help you relax while coloring.

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