10 Inventive Ways To Use A White Gel Pen

Ready to fall in love?

Last week’s blog on DIY wedding projects reminded us how much we love white gel pens. We got so excited that we were inspired to dedicate this week’s entire blog to that unsung hero in your GelWriter set—the white gel pen!

White gel pens are an essential tool for any artist or crafter. The contrast of white ink on a dark or colored background creates a dramatic effect that will enhance all of your coloring, doodling, and paper crafts! Let’s get started with 10 ways to use a white gel pen:

1. Create Chalkboard Labels and Signs

Use your white GelWriter to make chalkboard-style labels and signs. The look is super popular for gift tags and decor—and the best part? GelWriters won’t rub off like chalk!

2. Use White Gel Pens in the Garden

Calling all gardenistas! Check out these adorable garden signs made using a white gel pen. These beautiful signs will your plants feel special, and they’ll be sure to thank you with lots of delicious veggies!

3. Create Personalized Monograms

Make a unique personalized monogram for a child’s room, using this easy water bubbles design. Just use a stencil to create perfect bubbles with a white gel pen—so cute for a bedroom, playroom, or nursery!

4. Write a Handwritten Note

Who doesn’t love getting a handwritten letter? Make someone special feel extra special with a gorgeous hand-addressed envelope. A white GelWriter is perfect for writing on craft paper in any color.

5. Draw a Zentangle

Invert your Zentangle! Zentangle is usually drawn using black ink on white paper, but why not try a white gel pen on black paper? The contrast of the white ink makes your designs even more striking and dramatic.

6. Get Crafty with Homemade Cards

The latest trend in faux—faux stitching! Use your white GelWriter to add a charming crafty look to handmade cards like this one.  And try it on wood veneer, too, for a fun springtime decoration.

7. Sketch Pebble Art

Create beautiful pebble art using a white gel pen. This earthy project is perfect for home or garden decor and makes a sweet gift. You can find stones at most craft stores, but we recommend getting outside and finding your own!

8. Doodle on Wrapping Paper

Add a unique personal touch to your gifts by making your own wrapping paper. Use a white GelWriter to create a simple design on plain paper—it’s an easy and fun way to let your loved ones know how much you care.

9. Highlight Coloring Pages

Use a white GelWriter on your coloring pages to enhance and highlight your designs! White accents will make your paisleys pop, add dimension to your mandalas, and make your animal eyes look amazingly real.

10. Complement Watercolor Art

Did you know you can use a white gel pen over watercolors? Use this technique to make lovely notes and cards, or create amazing art journal designs.


There you go, 10 great ideas to discover or rekindle your love affair with the white gel pen. We hope you’ll be inspired to pull out your GelWriters and create something beautiful with them—and we hope you’ll share it with us on Facebook if you do!