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Easy 5-Minute Science Experiments Kids Will Love

Easy Science Experiments ECR4Kids

Introducing science to children can be a fun process. My favorites are science experiments that are quick and easy, and use things we already have in the house. If they have that all-important “wow” factor, all the better. These 10 experiments fit the bill!


The following are science experiments to try at home or school with children.

5 minutes science experiments 1

1. Get Creative with Candy

Can you remove the M’s from M&M’s candies? It’s easier than it sounds—and it’s a great way to use up extra Halloween candy! Simply throw a few M&Ms into a bowl of water, and watch the colorful show begin. After a few minutes, the candies will start to float. Have your child watch carefully, and describe what’s happening. They might be surprised!

2. DIY Balloon Buddy

Inflate a balloon with just two ingredients—very cool for Halloween! Simply draw your buddy’s face on an uninflated white balloon, stretch the opening over the top of a plastic bottle that’s filled with ½ cup of vinegar and 1 tablespoon of baking soda, and watch your buddy appear!

3.  Make a Magical Leak-Proof Plastic Bag

If you poke a hole in a bag of water, surely the water will leak out? Maybe not, as this experiment shows. This one surprised the kindergartners at a library program we went to. I love how easy it is to impress kids with science!

5 minutes science experiments 1

4. Play with Your Food

Put the magic in milk (so pretty)! It’s a great way for your kids to learn about the way colors mix, and they will be amazed by the interaction.

5. Turn Salt into Glue

How do you make ice sticky like glue? This experiment shows kids how to lift an ice cube with just a string.

6. Use Nature to Explore Physics

Sink-and-float experiments are the easiest because you can test almost anything. This one uses natural materials for your child to explore the properties of water and the basics of physics!

5 minutes science experiments 1

7. Plastic Bag Noisemakers

As every parent with a kitchen drawer full of pots and pans can attest, children are big fans of making noise! This one is requested all the time at our house—it uses the reaction of baking soda and vinegar to make plastic baggies POP.

8. Make a Ping-Pong Ball Float

Can you keep the ping pong ball in the air? A science challenge! We did this one on a grander scale at a science museum—it was a huge hit. Your children will be entertained for hours as they perfect their technique to keep the ball in the air.

9. Silly (but Educational) Fun with Spices

Is pepper afraid of dish soap? Maybe…you’ll have to try this one out! My daughter, Kay, loved to make scary noises as she watched the pepper “flee” from the dish soap.

10. Watch a Raisin Dance

It sounds like the start of a joke: how do you get a raisin to dance? Add it to carbonated water! Okay, not funny, but very awesome to watch. We can’t even have raisins for a snack anymore without this experiment being requested!


Which are your favorite experiments to try with your kids? Add them to the comments below!

Easy Science Experiments ECR4Kids

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