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Why Rest Time Matters and How to Make it Better for Your Child

ECR4Kids Naptime Benefits

Rest time is not only relaxing for children, it is also a crucial part of healthy development. 

One study found that cutting rest time for preschoolers could actually be detrimental to their health. According to another study, naps can enhance learning in preschoolers by cementing memories that were acquired earlier in the day. This means that rest time allows children to better remember what they learned prior to the nap.

With so many benefits to rest time, it is advantageous to learn the best methods to transition your children from at-home naps to preschool rest time. When preschool or daycare starts, they will be introduced to rest time in a different environment, so read on to learn how to prepare your child for the change.

Tips for Improving Rest Time

Help your child get comfortable

Our stackable kiddie cots and rest mats give your kiddo a comfortable place to rest their head and have a peaceful nap. Allow your child to bring a comfort object from home, such as a stuffed animal or blanket to help them relax. Check out our selection of sheets and blankets to use on your child’s cot, mat or alone.

Replicate rest time at home

Some children have trouble during rest time at preschool and daycare, because they are in a different environment. Try to replicate your preschool’s environment by having your child sleep with the same comfort object at the same time at home.

Stay on schedule

You’ve seen your child’s eyes start to droop around the same time each day, or you notice they get fussy after lunch. When children start a rest time schedule in preschool, it is best to mirror that schedule at home on weekends or days off. If your child is just starting preschool or daycare, find out the nap schedule and replicate it at home weeks before they start preschool or daycare.

Don’t force sleep

Trying to get a child to sleep when they don’t want to usually doesn’t work. Don’t put pressure on your child to fall asleep during rest time at preschool. Instead, let them know that they don’t need to fall asleep, but just need to “rest” and be quiet during rest time.

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What’s your child’s rest time routine? How do you help them rest better?


Learn why rest time matters and how to make it better for your child.