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Five Easy and Fun Homeschool Activities

5 Easy and Fun Homeschool Activities from ECR4Kids

Homeschooling is one of the fastest growing forms of education in the United States. If you homeschool, you know that it requires more effort and presents its own set of unique challenges, but there are plenty of advantages as well, such as flexibility, everyday creativity, and tailored learning experiences.

One of the best parts? The freedom you have to explore activities that enrich your child’s learning experience and grow his or her curiosity. Whether your kids are studying geography, eating dinner, or running around chasing butterflies outside, every moment can be a fun learning opportunity. You get a front-row seat to your child’s development. Here are five easy ways you can boost education when you’re teaching from home with these fun homeschool activities!

Play with Your Food

Finally! Kids get the go-ahead to play with their food with this plant-growing experiment. This is one of those activities that’s fun, easy, and educational—the holy grail of educational activities.

Simply choose an organic root vegetable (this may not work as well with a vegetable covered in conventional pesticides, as they inhibit new growth). Potatoes, carrot tops, garlic, and onions all work well. If you’d like to expand to fruit, a pineapple top is a good choice. Young kids will be especially impressed to learn that their dinner can create more dinner. Click on the links for instructions.





Garlic  (bonus: try this Garlic experiment, too!)


Engage in Easy Science Experiments

Science isn’t an easy subject to stick with. In fact, plenty of kids quit science because they don’t consider themselves “natural scientists.”

Here’s the thing—there are very few people who are naturally good at science. It’s about learning using trial and error and gaining knowledge  through hands-on experiments. Show your child that science can be fun and interesting at the same time with some of these riveting experiments. Check out these fun science experiments you can do from the comfort of your home.


Write Right

There are so many benefits to developing your child’s writing skills, and it doesn’t have to be boring. Let your kiddos use what they’ve learned and expand their writing skills by starting their own book. Make sure they have the proper materials to start, beginning with a high quality desk or table. This dedicated zone for work will encourage them to focus more than the couch will!

If your child enjoys the tactile experience of crafts and isn’t old enough to use a tablet or laptop, simply provide them with pages to draw and write their story, then use a stapler to pull all the numbered pages together.

For older children, take it a step further, and use Scribblet or another self-publishing service geared toward kids to publish their book. They’ll acquire insight into the future of book publishing, and you’ll have a piece of memorabilia that will last. You can also use a beautiful book display to make books accessible and attractive.


Say Yes to Drama and Pretending

You know those moments when your child pretends the floor is lava? And a box is a spaceship? And their stuffed animal is real? Those moments of pretend play are so crucial for their emotional and social development. In fact, some early childhood development research “[suggests] that make-believe games are forerunners of the important capacity for forms of self-regulation including reduced aggression, delay of gratification, civility, and empathy.”

For younger children, this is easy and comes naturally. In a child’s vibrant imaginations, the most stately castles, skyscrapers, and rocketships are just a few wood blocks away. Forget that massive box full of jumbled up costumes—use our simple dress up carousel with a mirror or dress up island tol keep your child’s dramatic play items in order.

Side note: older elementary school kids may start rejecting what they see as childish play, but when you introduce the element of a script that they get to write, it’s a whole different story. Literally!

Explore the World Around You

When you take a field trip, you get to see what you learned yesterday actually functioning in the world today. Here are some options for potential field trips to expand and apply your child’s knowledge in the real world. Choose one that fits what your child is currently learning, and the experience will have more impact.

  • See if there are any factories (chocolate, raisins, canned goods) nearby that offer tours
  • Tour a famous historical site in your town
  • Head to a farm and pick apples or check out animals
  • Go to the zoo or a museum
  • Visit an art gallery

There are so many more options depending on where you live! Be creative, and explore the world around you with your child.
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Try these 5 easy and fun homeschool activities with your kids!