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Developmental Building Blocks:The Benefits of Block Play


Blocks may seem too simple these days, especially next to all those toys with flashy buttons and loud sounds. But there is a reason blocks have remained a staple toy for so many years. When a child plays with blocks, she is boosting her math skills, language development, and motor skills. Read below to learn all about the benefits of block play and what activities you can introduce to your children using blocks.


Helping Language Development

ELR-0342 18-Piece Wooden Hollow Block Set (2)
Wooden Hollow Blocks Set

One study showed that block play may help improve toddlers’ language development. The study of one to two year-olds found that those who played with blocks with their parents scored significantly higher on language development tests. One reason for this may be that block play encourages more communication than other activities.

Try this: Wooden Hollow Blocks and the Wooden Tunnels & Arches set encourages children to play with blocks that are different than the usual square shape. With your child, develop a plan for creating a bridge with a tunnel or a ramp for their favorite car toy. By asking your child questions about your plan, you will stimulate language development as they attempt to explain their thoughts to you.

ELR-19003 48 Pc Architectural Blocks with Carry Case
Architectural Block Set with Carry Case

Understanding Math Concepts

Playing with blocks can include counting, comparing sizes, combining shapes, and many other mathematical concepts. Your children won’t know it, but when they’re trying to build a castle or skyscraper, they’re really learning about length, width, and various shape names.


Try this: This architectural block set will inspire children to build beautiful houses, buildings, and much more! The uniquely shaped pieces will encourage them to learn different shapes and sizes. Ask your child to build a house. Afterward, go through and inquire about shape names and point out which pieces are bigger and smaller. This will allow them to think about sizes in relation to one another.


Learning Cooperation Skills

ELR-19106 Set of 4 Transportation Vehicles
Transportation Vehicles Set

While solo play also has its benefits, encouraging your child to play with others using blocks can teach them cooperation as they need to work together to build an object. Without cooperation and respect, their tower or castle could fall.


Try this: Using transportation vehicles blocks and the “people” blocks that fit into them will allow children to play out imaginary situations that require communication and cooperation. They can also use the trucks to transport other blocks, so they can work together to construct other projects!

Improving Motor Skills

ELR-19000 154 Pc Hardwood Unit Block Set
My First Block Set


Playing with blocks can help toddlers develop motor skills by grasping the blocks and learning to balance them on top of one another. This can also improve hand-eye coordination as they attempt to grasp an object in front of them and use it to create something larger.


Try this: The “My First Block Set” includes pieces with beveled edges and rounded corners for safety, making them suitable for young children. Introduce these blocks to your child and show them how to place one on top of the other. Allow your child to explore while trying to mirror your actions.

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Learn all about the benefits of block play and what activities you can introduce to your children using blocks.